We conduct the restaurant business in the department store. The limited point of the restaurant making is quick and punctual because we have limited time. If the worksite is improper because of non-professional contractor, of course, you will be fined. However, Look Good impressed me a lot because it provided punctuality and cleanliness at the worksite.

Moreover, all details were elaborately performed with carefulness. We took a service of Look Good for second time at Have a Zeed The Street in Ratchada, our second branch. Our first branch is at Mercury, Chit Lom. For both branches, Look Good performed work without any problems. All works were completely done as per schedule with accurate price estimation, so there was no problem on additional prices. We can control our budget, and it was really rare to find such a responsible contractor like this nowadays.


As a distributor of high quality materials used for the building construction and decoration globally such as Aluminum Composite, rubber tiles, Acoustic panels, and BFM Showroom. Here is the first time that we opened the showroom, so it is not providing only the outstanding and unique design, but it also provides refinement on work of the contractor. This is very important. If the contractor has inadequate experience and profession, everything will not be perfect.

We are lucky that we select the right contractor as the contractor doesn’t disappoint us. The construction is performed according to the drawing. Even though some stages have problems, Look Good has high responsibility and we can provide good solutions to complete all things. Therefore, we have a chance to have such as good showroom with good and unique design to present our high quality products to everyone.


It is our first time to conduct the business related to skill and brain development school. So, we are so excited. It is not just about starting the new business because we have to consider a designer and a contractor for the interior design as we had tasks provided by the owner of the brand and the owner of the place at the same time. We don’t have much time to plan for everything. Our plan changed a lot until it is perfect. After we took a service from Look Good to perform as a designer and a contractor for interior design for use, we felt relieve as they could perform everything on behalf of us.

They could think for us and found solutions for us. From the past experiences, we hired many contractors, and they made us feel excited whether they could complete the task or not. We had to inspect everywhere whether it met the specification or not. Dealing with Look Good is very satisfied. The company updated the progress all the time. The project was completed as it was targeted, and the company also took responsibility for both before and after the service, so we recommend this company for those who are looking for a trusted and professional contractor.