Loft Style House Decoration

Although the raw surface of the cement expressed the feeling of hardness, but it is very popular for home decoration style of people nowadays. It presented the change of current popularity when the architect built the house with raw surface of cement and made it look cool and livable with his/her own lifestyle which is called affectionately as  “loft style” which is the raw work produced from wood, metal, concrete, and left it naturally without any partition any additives. If it can be applied with the modern house, it is really matched.

We starts at the bedroom, which is the importance space for relaxation for owner and inhabitants. The wall decoration at the bed head is decorated with red brick or wooden bark, and the warm yellow light from the ceiling shone down to the bed. Bedroom floor is decorated with wood, and walls are decorated with shiny grey tone of cement. It is the simple decoration with wooden furniture like bed and white soft mattress with grey pillowcases and blankets which have match color with the room. Small shelves are arranged at both side o the bed head with the lamp on the table for reading books or working, and flat-screen TV is hung at the end of the bed with airy, floating shelves.

The living room is like the main beauty of the house. For modern people who like to decorate house in loft style, but still worry about the naked and old-fashioned  patterns, you can mix loft style architecture with modern style perfectly as nowadays the house decoration is limitless. The living room with big windows look spacious, bright in daylight without using any electricity. At night, chandeliers will provide light for your living room, and leather carpet at the middle of the room gives more elegant look.

The kitchen which has natural color from cement mixed with loft-style wood looks pretty good in raw style, but it is modern with the kitchen utensils and the kitchen is decorated with modern decoration style, and you can make your kitchen look brighter and attractive by using green trees as well.

For Loft style house decoration which use the naked cement to decorate rest room, you should have waterproof and fungus proof liquid on the wall, no matter how elegant  you decorate your rest room. If wall and floor are large, you should have lines to divide them in order to protect the crack cement. For rest room decoration, you should choose other materials to mix with the design you want in order not to make the rest room look too simple like rest room in the gasoline or in the temple.

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