Feng Shui and Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is part of the house and we are sure that you do want every part of your house look great. However, it is impossible to make only one beautiful room in the house. Many people believe in Feng shui that it will bring good fortune and driving power for you. Therefore, many people decorate their house according to Feng Shui. Each room of the house has different elemental powers, and kitchen always have power of fire at all time because you have to use gas for cooking. So, you should decorate your room according to Feng Shui principle to empower your house.

First thing that you should be noted is that the kitchen position in Feng Shui should be at the back of the house to protect the smoke from cooking not to float to other houses, and the kitchen shall not be seen from the entrance door of the house because if you walk into the house and you meet the power of fire directly, you will feel annoying and restless. Moreover, the kitchen should not be in the same position of the upstairs bedroom because you will not sleep well because of too much power of fire. On the other hand, there is a solution that you have to install insulation on the ceiling to reduce the power of fire.

The position of the fireplace in the kitchen should not be put in the middle because the evil power will make people in the house suffer from heart disease, and it should not be placed next to the sink because the power of fire from fireplace and the power of water from the sink will be mixed directly, and it will make people who cook food feel angry and annoying, and it will make people have bad health. For the solution, the partition can be used to separate it, or you have to put trees with water as a partition. If any houses that can put fireplace, refrigerator and sink position in triangle, it will further strength positive for your kitchen.

Kitchen with good Feng Shui shall be wide-opened and have enough light, and it should have air in the kitchen as it will support the successfulness of the work, and the most important thing is that the entrance and exit door should not be in the same position because it will bring bad luck.

For the color of kitchen, it should be painted in yellow because it helps the digesting system and it increases power and bright and freshness for the owner of the house and inhabitants. If you do not want to change it to yellow, you can use a few of yellow light bulbs to increase your good fortune as well.

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