10 Ideas to Decorate Trendy Living Room

1. decoration idea by focusing on luxurious with the LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in contemporary style by choosing silver sofa set with the decoration of the silvers which is contrast with the red brick color of cushions and yellow color of sofa which increase the interesting of the sofa.

2. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION. We use Ink Jet picture instead of Wall Paper because it is suitable for owner who like people, celebrities, or athletes, and you can choose picture that you like the most according to your style.

3. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION with the mixed of modern and contemporary style by using natural materials as main materials, no mirror partition, focus on comfort and airy atmosphere. It will be better to have small garden in front for reading corner and relaxation

4. decoration idea For people who love parties and friends, LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION should be in large size for friends to come and join the meals, or you can create any activities with friends in the living room as it is the main meeting place of the house. The decoration starts with finding L sofa or Sofa Bed with large size, so that everyone can sit and lie down comfortably, and if the living room and dining room is divided by using Corrugated glass, it is easy to go to grab something in the kitchen when having party in the living room.

5. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in western style with the mixing of hanging furniture and owners who have many western collections. The scarlet carpet is placed in the middle of the room for support all furniture, and the sofa with white cushions reduce the dark color from other furniture, and if all collections are arranged appropriately, it looks great with art.

6. decoration idea If living room have mustard yellow color, it will be very elegant, and if LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION have airy-looked stairs with stainless railing to increase more elegant looks and you can add more and more elegant by using Double space wall and make it as a window frame to let the light shade into the living room.

7. decoration idea For LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in Modern style with counter bar at the back of the sofa, which is another relax corner. It is decorated in white and red by using modern materials and colors. The corner at the back of the sofa which is the counter can be applied as the large size of living room for parties.

8. decoration idea For those who has large house like mansion, the LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION can be decorated to make it very large and classic with elegant look by using double space, and the interesting point is at the curved balconies with wood decoration, and it is the center to connect to other parts of the house. The big door can be used to make the house look larger than this.

9. decoration idea For LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION, it should have the corner which is attach to the garden and the fish pond, so that it will make you feel relax. The bean-shaped sofa make living room looks comfortable, and it can be sit in both sides, and you can choose whether you will sit and see the garden or TV.

10. decoration idea If you like comfortable, simple, but neat, LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in black and white style will make your house look good with flat-screen TV and full options of stereos.

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