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Feng Shui and Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is part of the house and we are sure that you do want every part of your house look great. However, it is impossible to make only one beautiful room in the house. Many people believe in Feng shui that it will bring good fortune and driving power for you. Therefore, many people decorate their house according to Feng Shui. Each room of the house has different elemental powers, and kitchen always have power of fire at all time because you have to use gas for cooking. So, you should decorate your room according to Feng Shui principle to empower your house.

First thing that you should be noted is that the kitchen position in Feng Shui should be at the back of the house to protect the smoke from cooking not to float to other houses, and the kitchen shall not be seen from the entrance door of the house because if you walk into the house and you meet the power of fire directly, you will feel annoying and restless. Moreover, the kitchen should not be in the same position of the upstairs bedroom because you will not sleep well because of too much power of fire. On the other hand, there is a solution that you have to install insulation on the ceiling to reduce the power of fire.

The position of the fireplace in the kitchen should not be put in the middle because the evil power will make people in the house suffer from heart disease, and it should not be placed next to the sink because the power of fire from fireplace and the power of water from the sink will be mixed directly, and it will make people who cook food feel angry and annoying, and it will make people have bad health. For the solution, the partition can be used to separate it, or you have to put trees with water as a partition. If any houses that can put fireplace, refrigerator and sink position in triangle, it will further strength positive for your kitchen.

Kitchen with good Feng Shui shall be wide-opened and have enough light, and it should have air in the kitchen as it will support the successfulness of the work, and the most important thing is that the entrance and exit door should not be in the same position because it will bring bad luck.

For the color of kitchen, it should be painted in yellow because it helps the digesting system and it increases power and bright and freshness for the owner of the house and inhabitants. If you do not want to change it to yellow, you can use a few of yellow light bulbs to increase your good fortune as well.


Bedroom Decoration in Collective Woman Style

Bedroom decoration for individuals indicated how your lifestyle and personality are, especially for the bedroom of collectors that have not only bed and clothes in the room, but it is believed that there shall be many kinds of collection with problem to find the place to storage them. However, if you know what you like, these information can be used to decorate your own bedroom to make it look good.

  • For people who love books and have collection of books, the bedroom decoration requires bookshelves. However, if you have small bedroom, it is needed to use built-in shelves which is embedded into the wall in order to save space in the room. Also, it makes the room looks wider, and if the shelves is a hanging shelf, it will make your small room look comfortable.
  • Bedroom Decoration for women who are antique collectors such as old photos and utensils, etc, the wall becomes that place to present your collection, and the bedroom should be decorated in retro vintage style by using old furniture such as old cabinets, old tables, old lamps, clock or any unique things. The more you use rare items for decoration, you room will have more value and hard to consider for the cost, and it makes you feel what you are.
  • For women who love to collect dolls and lovely things, the bedroom decoration should be in sweet color such as pink. However, there are so many colors that can be used to decorate your room such as pastel colors which make your room look modern and trendy.
  • For people who love art, they will keep their artworks, both drawing by themselves and purchasing from other places to decorate your bedroom. By taking artwork and put into a frame may be too simple to do it, so you can change to screen or stencil as art on bricks inside your bedroom to make it unique. And for all teenagers who love celebrities, they can do like this as well.
  • Fashion parallel with the women and bedroom decoration for girls can be seen frequently. Most of them will use large side of cabinets with many drawers, many drawers for Big size shoes for many channels to facilitate the laying position for shoes. Bed is not used for only sleep, but the bed head can be used as shelves by placing colorful boxes or chest with chic style to place at the end of the bed. If the chest is used, it is very good because you can put it on the make-up table, and all accessories can be hung on the hook on the wall.

Beloved Children’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

For new family who is going to build house or preparing to have a baby, decorating a bedroom with good atmosphere and environment for children will encourage your children to have good development. You do not have to spend much money to decorate room for your children, but you just use the following ideas, and you will be able to decorate beautiful and lovely bedroom for your children for sure.

  1. Paint the room in stripes in order to make the room look wider and your children will feel fresh. The most important thing is that no matter how you decorate your bedroom, you should choose non-toxic, odorless paint in order to protect your children from the toxic.
  2. Decorate your children’s room by using mobile above the bed, so that your children can play or just lie down and watch. You do not have to buy expensive mobile for using in the decoration, but you just use beads and papers to recreate shapes and hang them with ropes, and that’s all. It is very easy to do so.
  3. Paint or design new cabinets and drawers by painting tattoos or paint colorful pictures by parent’s style, or you can use stickers to make it look lovely and sweet.
  4. Decorate your children’s bedroom by bring children’s bookshelves, or hanging shelves to decorate as wallpapers to make your children’s room look chic with cheap price.
  5. For furniture choosing to decorate children’s bedroom, you should choose furniture that your children can use until they grow up such as suitable size of sofa, and it should have blanket to maintain the sofa in good condition.
  6. Use unused things to decorate your children’s bedroom such as chair, lamp, cabinet, etc, and it is good that you can use things that you have for more valuable condition.
  7. Use both English and Thai storage boxes to improve your children’s language skills. If you use it as part of bedroom decoration, you can buy from toy shop or department store.
  8. You can decorate the wall with bright and colorful painting colors with lovely cartoon and stickers or even wallpapers according to your needs.
  9. Do not decorate bedroom too much to make it looks messy by your own hands because you children can be injured from tripping those things, so you should decorate it in suitable ways and use useful things to decorate it.

Finally, bedroom decoration is as important as your own bedroom, so the above mentioned ideas are parts to let you use to apply with your own creative idea.


Loft Style House Decoration

Although the raw surface of the cement expressed the feeling of hardness, but it is very popular for home decoration style of people nowadays. It presented the change of current popularity when the architect built the house with raw surface of cement and made it look cool and livable with his/her own lifestyle which is called affectionately as  “loft style” which is the raw work produced from wood, metal, concrete, and left it naturally without any partition any additives. If it can be applied with the modern house, it is really matched.

We starts at the bedroom, which is the importance space for relaxation for owner and inhabitants. The wall decoration at the bed head is decorated with red brick or wooden bark, and the warm yellow light from the ceiling shone down to the bed. Bedroom floor is decorated with wood, and walls are decorated with shiny grey tone of cement. It is the simple decoration with wooden furniture like bed and white soft mattress with grey pillowcases and blankets which have match color with the room. Small shelves are arranged at both side o the bed head with the lamp on the table for reading books or working, and flat-screen TV is hung at the end of the bed with airy, floating shelves.

The living room is like the main beauty of the house. For modern people who like to decorate house in loft style, but still worry about the naked and old-fashioned  patterns, you can mix loft style architecture with modern style perfectly as nowadays the house decoration is limitless. The living room with big windows look spacious, bright in daylight without using any electricity. At night, chandeliers will provide light for your living room, and leather carpet at the middle of the room gives more elegant look.

The kitchen which has natural color from cement mixed with loft-style wood looks pretty good in raw style, but it is modern with the kitchen utensils and the kitchen is decorated with modern decoration style, and you can make your kitchen look brighter and attractive by using green trees as well.

For Loft style house decoration which use the naked cement to decorate rest room, you should have waterproof and fungus proof liquid on the wall, no matter how elegant  you decorate your rest room. If wall and floor are large, you should have lines to divide them in order to protect the crack cement. For rest room decoration, you should choose other materials to mix with the design you want in order not to make the rest room look too simple like rest room in the gasoline or in the temple.


10 Ideas to Decorate Trendy Living Room

1. decoration idea by focusing on luxurious with the LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in contemporary style by choosing silver sofa set with the decoration of the silvers which is contrast with the red brick color of cushions and yellow color of sofa which increase the interesting of the sofa.

2. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION. We use Ink Jet picture instead of Wall Paper because it is suitable for owner who like people, celebrities, or athletes, and you can choose picture that you like the most according to your style.

3. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION with the mixed of modern and contemporary style by using natural materials as main materials, no mirror partition, focus on comfort and airy atmosphere. It will be better to have small garden in front for reading corner and relaxation

4. decoration idea For people who love parties and friends, LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION should be in large size for friends to come and join the meals, or you can create any activities with friends in the living room as it is the main meeting place of the house. The decoration starts with finding L sofa or Sofa Bed with large size, so that everyone can sit and lie down comfortably, and if the living room and dining room is divided by using Corrugated glass, it is easy to go to grab something in the kitchen when having party in the living room.

5. decoration idea for LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in western style with the mixing of hanging furniture and owners who have many western collections. The scarlet carpet is placed in the middle of the room for support all furniture, and the sofa with white cushions reduce the dark color from other furniture, and if all collections are arranged appropriately, it looks great with art.

6. decoration idea If living room have mustard yellow color, it will be very elegant, and if LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION have airy-looked stairs with stainless railing to increase more elegant looks and you can add more and more elegant by using Double space wall and make it as a window frame to let the light shade into the living room.

7. decoration idea For LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in Modern style with counter bar at the back of the sofa, which is another relax corner. It is decorated in white and red by using modern materials and colors. The corner at the back of the sofa which is the counter can be applied as the large size of living room for parties.

8. decoration idea For those who has large house like mansion, the LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION can be decorated to make it very large and classic with elegant look by using double space, and the interesting point is at the curved balconies with wood decoration, and it is the center to connect to other parts of the house. The big door can be used to make the house look larger than this.

9. decoration idea For LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION, it should have the corner which is attach to the garden and the fish pond, so that it will make you feel relax. The bean-shaped sofa make living room looks comfortable, and it can be sit in both sides, and you can choose whether you will sit and see the garden or TV.

10. decoration idea If you like comfortable, simple, but neat, LIVING (GUEST) ROOM DECORATION in black and white style will make your house look good with flat-screen TV and full options of stereos.